Thursday, August 19, 2010

They Go Up

It's your ears darling
It's your ears
They're down
You see?
When you're really happy
They go up

It's the cutest thing
I loved it
I know
They'd go up for me
They go up

But they don't for her
They don't do it
I saw them
Go up
I saw as I kissed you
They go up

I saw out of the corner
Of my eye
As you leaned in
And you
Smiled and whispered my name
They go up

But i saw the pictures
Of you and her
You smiled
And kissed
And whispered her name

But I saw the pictures of you and her

I saw out of the corner of my eye

But they don't for her. They don't do it.

It's the cutest thing. I loved it.

It's your ears, darling. It's your ears.

They go up.

*This is an old poem...from the fall of 2008. Do you think my style has changed at all?*