Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haikus [Untitled]

In the silent step
Of a sleepy dog I see
the love of a friend                                                                                                                 

This winter night sky
Seeps into my skin slowly
Leaving me silent

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Poem [Untitled]

The sunlight plays across the sheets
My arms lifted high
A tent!
A tent of white light
Morning air and quiet whispers

I am not ticklish, I swear...
Must tighten my lips
Can't smile!
Damn giggle comes out
Your grin bursts brighter than the sun

Roving hands and muffled kisses
This bright white heaven
Lifts me!
My arms are raised up
We are all there is here on earth

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Priorities - the essence of life?

I have come to believe that when the last day ends it will be your skill at prioritizing that determines everything. Without the ability to deem certain things more important than others, to develop the strength of character to say "No, that's not worth it," we flounder in the troughs of life's waves. Priorities are what move us forward.

It is a frustrating reality I find myself in now. Once you figure out that it is your ability to properly align your priorities in life that tips the scales in your favor, you cannot escape the weight of responsibility that accompanies this truth. I know that in order to succeed and move forward I have to carefully consider what I put first in my life.

Where do I give my time? How do I spend my money? What in my life is so important I sacrifice other things for them? And is it right? Writing down everything you "spend" on (food, time, exercise, money, emotional investment, etc) can be a very sobering exercise. Sometimes you find a notebook filled with excuses, squandered time, and poor choices in front of you, and instead of burying my head and wishing for the simpler times, I begin the list. I ask the hard questions, and I try so very hard to give the truthful answers.

Then I re-prioritize and keep going, knowing the day will come again when I shake my head, wipe the board, and start the list all over. But it is what will move me forward. It is what will gt me out of here. It is what will carry me to my future. It is what will determine how I end the last day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fighting's Fantastic

Fighting's fantastic, isn't it? You both make such idiots of yourselves with so little provocation. With the passing of a moment you instantly decide to chuck all your love out the window. Farewell to that affectionate, reasonable, and growing person, and say hello to this moron with her mouth wide open emitting tones and back stories.  

These fights are rehearsed. We perform them perfectly. 1,2,3, and pause for dramatic effect....I deliver my line with cutting agility. Your parry. My respondent blow. Your escalation. My indignant gesture with accompanying sarcasm. And so on we go until the exit. MY exit. For I almost always have them.  

I've got the exit down pat. I sneer and spit a well timed ending verse -- something catchy and insipid that, if done right, should burn just a bit longer than it will take me to exit the room before the rage that follows sets in and they can culminate a response. Then with my impressive diss delivered, I turn my back and stride swiftly away with my chin held high, because... I have just so much to be proud of............